Social | Communica


Today, more business is conducted via mobile than ever before. More than 90% of marketers use social media (real-time media) for business, reaching massive audiences of more than 1 billion people on Facebook and YouTube, and 300 million active Twitter users, among other channels.

Real-time media has become the most effective means for reaching top executives, and Communica is defining how real-time media has changed the ways brands interact with their customers.  Real-time engagement with those customers builds long-term relationships and growth. We are experienced in all things digital, particularly identifying and employing the most effective channels for delivering client messages.

 We integrate our digital strategy into everything we do, from ad development and media buying to counseling, content management and engagement. Through direct response and promoted social, our real-time ad placements create seamless interaction of customers with your brand. We go beyond clicks and impressions to analyze real-time conversations and audience insights. And we provide the content and response strategies that assure authenticity in every conversation with your existing and potential customers. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our integrated online campaigns by tracking your program objectives against actual engagement and conversion.

In digital communications, what worked last month will be obsolete tomorrow. The effectiveness of real-time communications is based on understanding the channels and the messages, and making split-second adjustments to anticipate the digital road ahead. Communica is your partner in developing that digital roadmap.