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Public Relations

Good, effective communication is about building long-lasting relationships. Public relations is essential in crafting the messages and identifying the audiences that are necessary for building those relationships. We bring decades of experience and expertise in a wide range of public relations disciplines, all dedicated to seeking out opportunities for conversations among all our clients’ audiences.

We’ve launched a 529 College Savings Plan for the State of Ohio, and a trade and media online event for an international glass manufacturer.  We have provided crisis management counsel to Fortune 50 companies, multinational corporations and entertainers. We supported the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority during an airport bomb scare, and developed campaigns that have successfully persuaded federal regulators to approve life-saving pharmaceuticals.

We’ve planned and executed major events, provided media outreach and training to bank executives, manufacturing representatives and in litigation, and crisis counseling in higher education and manufacturing.


We begin by conducting a comprehensive audit of our client’s communication, both internally and externally. We are able to determine the identity the company is presenting to all of its audiences, and how it’s being received. We’re able to look at what messages their competitors are presenting, and identify the key issues affecting their industry. At this point, we’re able to develop meaningful programs that truly build relationships.


A key role Communica plays is in serving as an on-demand counselor to our clients. We understand not only your business but also your market. We study the market to understand the trends and anticipate the issues that may impact your business. And because we are skilled in crisis communications, media relations and internal communications, we can provide the counsel your staff needs to address the daily issues that arise in your business.


Your employees are your most powerful tools in bringing your brand to life. So it’s critical that employees understand and support the branding and messaging processes so they can deliver the organization’s stories with every outside interaction. Communica offers a long, successful history of working with clients to discern their internal environment and listen to the nuances of message delivery. We then develop the strategies and executions that accurately and positively communicate the company brand to every level of the organization, through company dialogues and training, along with internal materials and programs.


Effecting change in our local community, whether that means passing levies, identifying community programs for participation, or smoothing the way for a fast food restaurant to locate in the inner city, requires negotiation skills, persistence and patience. We have a proven track record in developing and executing community relations programs, as well as strong connections to local political, thought, business and creative leaders.


We work closely with our clients to identify the messages that are critical to their varied audiences, and map these messages so they will resonate with every delivery. We employ this content strategy throughout all our communications on behalf of clients, whether it’s in communications to employees or worldwide media; at a major product introduction or a legislative hearing; in print and online.


We will work with your people to identify the messages and fashion the storylines that will facilitate the company’s relationship with media around the world. We will develop all the internal and external talking points and background, and coach company spokespersons for media interviews – whether it’s a plant manager or bank president.


Communica has built long-term relationships with trade and consumer media around the world. We understand the nuances of the media relations process, and how important it is to best convey your messages accurately to each audience. We have the tools to create detailed media contact lists, as well as for highly targeted message distribution to the worldwide media. We are equipped to handle all aspects of your media relations program – from developing to distributing stories and working every day with media – or to support your internal communications specialists. We also regularly monitor our media relations efforts, to assure proper distribution and impact, as well as delivery of messages.


Protecting brand reputation is paramount to Communica’s support of our clients. Crisis communications planning is essential to ensure that our clients are ready for the unexpected. We help them plan for and create responses to crisis scenarios so they are as prepared as possible and have analyzed the implications of a crisis on their stakeholders. We prepare them to respond to any crises quickly and seamlessly, reporting with confidence and accuracy to all their internal and external audiences.


Our seasoned staff has developed and managed large-scale events, including developing the theme, site location and invitations and supporting collateral, video support, catering, AV coordination and media interaction.


Often our clients are presented with specific public policy threats or opportunities that have a broad potential impact on both their individual brands and their broader business models. We manage full-scaled public affairs campaign in support of client agendas, including message development, third party ally recruitment and activation, grassroots activism, earned media pitching and placement, paid media advertising, public opinion polling, and direct outreach to key decision makers.