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It’s a new world order, and smart marketers are loving it. What could be more exciting than an information revolution that’s evolving at an exponential rate even as we speak. You have to keep up or get out. Which is why we sleep in our running shoes.

A website serves a number of purposes. It creates brand awareness. It builds trust. It generates sales interest. It provides a forum for content distribution. Communica provides website planning, collaboration, design and execution. We focus on user experience, accessibility, best practice standards, search engine optimization and content management.

We believe that Internet strategy and technology are tools to allow the essential marketing message to shine through. Our goal is to find a realistic balance between what can be done and what needs to be done to accomplish our client’s goals.

Our team and our process set us apart. Our in-house specialists include award-winning graphic designers, user experience experts, strategy consultants, project managers, a quality assurance team, usability testers and trainers. Our process allows us to deliver a superior product and experience.


We don’t just tell our clients what to do, we ask questions, we lead strategy meetings, we brainstorm ideas. Communica’s process is flexible and adaptive to fit your needs and goals. We make it our business to understand our clients: their business, their history and their goals.


Your website is your company’s face to the world. It needs to accurately represent not only your brand but the style and culture of your company. Our web designers are experienced not only in traditional design but website design, which allows them to create an experience for your visitors rather than just a look. We then choose a technology platform to bring that experience to life. Everything is taken into account: budget, timeline, security and support.


We approach our digital work with a “mobile only” mentality, because a mobile-friendly experience is critical to user satisfaction. We incorporate responsive design tenets to develop websites, e-commerce functionality and apps that showcase our clients’ capabilities, while providing easy reading and navigation.


Being able to measure the success or failure of website initiatives is paramount to calculating ROI. Our goals of “on time and on budget” lead our internal team. However, we place high importance on quality of execution. All projects are reviewed and examined prior to launch by all team members to assure a complete and tested project prior to release. All projects are also QA tested and tweaked for all major browsers for compatibility and functionality.


Communica offers custom web and software solutions that streamline your marketing and business processes which can enhance productivity and internal communications. Our custom developers are proficient in Microsoft .NET, C++, Java, C, Sharepoint and mobile solutions; and can integrate with Oracle, SQL and mySql. We are experienced in all application servers and operating systems. Some of our custom applications solutions have included:

  • Secure intranet/extranet
  • Data migration to web
  • Online business tools including: data collection, survey reporting, video training, internal communications alerts
  • Advanced e-commerce solutions
  • Interactive learning