Research | Communica


Marketing without research is like throwing a dart at a target while blindfolded – you don’t stand much of a chance of hitting the bullseye. That’s why we are firm believers in asking the market what they think, how they behave, what they want and what they need.

That value of research is a given, but what may not be so apparent at first glance is the unique way Communica uses research to establish baselines, develop brand positioning, measure awareness and preference, identify buying behaviors and influencers and test creative concepts and executions.

Communica recommends market research for the purposes of discovery, concept testing/validation and ongoing performance tracking. Well-designed research plans establish baseline measurements and track progress, so our client’s marketing teams are able to assess the effectiveness of their efforts. It also aids in planning, as it informs decision-making.

Every research project conducted by Communica is custom-designed to our client's needs. We start by consulting to assess goals, establish project objectives, and understand how findings will impact business decisions. Using this insight, we recommend a research plan, methodology, and analytic approach that is uniquely tailored to the engagement.

We utilize both qualitative and quantitative methods in our primary research:

Qualitative techniques:

•  Ethnography
•  Focus Groups
•  In-Person Interviews (IDIs)
•  Telephone Depth Interviews (TDIs)

Quantitative techniques:

•  Online Surveys
•  Telephone/CATI Surveys
•  Mail-in Survey

Communica staff have experience conducting the following types of research:

•  Ad Tracking Research
•  Attitude & Usage Studies
•  Brand Equity Research
•  Concept Testing
•  Customer Satisfaction Research
•  Driver Analysis
•  Employee Surveys
•  Forecasting Studies
•  Logo Testing
•  Loyalty Research
•  Messaging/TURF Analysis
•  Mystery Shopper Research
•  New Product Testing
•  Positioning Studies
•  Product Optimization Analysis
•  Secondary Research
•  Segmentation Studies
•  Website/App Usability Testing