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Funnel Management

A well-designed funnel management program can be a powerful tool in any marketing communications program. Program design, content creation, creative excellence and technological expertise all play key roles in creating and managing a successful program.

Communica’s unique funnel management program helps companies successfully adapt to a marketing and sales landscape that has changed dramatically in recent years. Our funnel management program executes the all-important tasks required to attract prospective customers into the top of the sales funnel, nurture them through their buying process, and convert them to sales-qualified leads and sales-ready opportunities.

Our program was born from the convergence of two forces:

  1. Unprecedented informational access has put customers in charge of the sales process. The evolution of the online world has given customers access to a wealth of product or solution information. Now, they can delay engaging with sellers until they are far along their buying path.

    This has forced companies to change how they attract and engage prospects. Sellers that don’t create relevant and useful information – and make it easy to find that information online – will struggle to reach and attract new prospects.

  2. New marketing automation technology has made it possible for companies to get the right information to the right person at the right time. Marketing automation enables companies to respond to individual prospects in a personalized way. By observing prospect behavior, marketing automation identifies where each prospect is in his/her purchase decision, and then delivers relevant and targeted content. At each stage, it can identify and deliver the best interaction to help move the prospect forward in the buying process.  

The world has changed. To be effective today, companies must effectively utilize inbound and outbound marketing, database management, multi-stage messaging strategy, writing and other content creation, digital and graphic production, sales integration and technology.