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Sales Promotion

Mark Twain once said, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”  We’d like to add that “many a small sale has been made large by the right kind of promotion.” And, you can quote us.  Because we know that while marketing drives customers to the point of purchase – it doesn’t make the sale all by itself. We know incentives and promotions are the lubricants that grease the wheels of commerce and create a critical push/pull dynamic across multiple channels. A push from manufacturer to fabricator to dealer – a pull-through from consumers.


Communica develops the tools that help sales professionals do their jobs more effectively. From innovative smartphone applications that provide a “snapshot” buying proposition, to PowerPoint presentations, flipcharts and leave-behind literature, our sales support materials work harder so you won’t have to.


Whether we’re creating co-op television and radio programs for national automotive center franchisees, a comprehensive digital MarCom program for building products contractors, or a more traditional wearables and premiums catalog – we bring creativity and experience to the table.


From sourcing displays to designing booth graphics, architecture, kiosks and presentations. From personnel training to event planning. Our trade show capabilities provide as much or as little support as needed. Clients can specify one-stop support that starts with pre-show invitations and includes on-site advertising, booth design, media relations planning and news conferences, event planning and post-show follow-up. Or they can opt for any number of à la carte services.


Channels love sweepstakes, and incentives are still the surest way to motivate. We have a vast amount of experience creating successful turnkey sweepstakes and promotion programs for our clients.


Branding creates awareness and preference. Advertising drives the customer to trial. But nothing clinches the sale like convincing, compelling, impossible to ignore creative at the point of purchase. From posters, static clings and end-cap signage, to danglers, dimensional sample displays, kiosks, countertop displays and rack literature – you name it and we’ve done it for hundreds of clients over the years. If that sounds good, we can tell you it looks even better.