Design | Communica



Creating a visual identity for a brand is something at which we excel. From international brand guidelines to comprehensive business card/stationary/collateral programs, to award-winning logos for a broad range of international, national and regional brands – we consider identity development a core competency.


Silkscreen, aqueous coating, foil stamping, metallic inks – while all part of the vision –are never a substitute for impeccable and inspired design. We create poster art as we would fine art. And the fact that what we create – generates demand – is always a plus.


This is the gestalt of design. The vision of the whole that surpasses the sum of its parts – from complete portfolios of literature to elegant annual reports; from accordion event invitations to hardworking capability brochures that capture the brand essence.


Websites are not online brochures. And website design, really good website design, is its own discipline. Online design walks hand in hand with functionality. It immediately engages the user and provides an intuitive matrix of cues for the optimum user experience. Balance that with a design that unmistakably reflects the brand and you have a winner.


Whether we’re designing packaging for a new stainless steel line of professional cookware or a retail brand of sanitizing hand soap, the principle remains the same. Strong packaging, like outdoor, has just seconds to compete on the shelf, capture the consumer’s attention and make an indelible brand impression.


Our graphic designers do not work in a vacuum. Understanding the client, product, market and medium are essential to creating effective advertising design. Whatever medium they’re working in and whoever and whatever they’re designing for, our designers combine smart strategic thinking with eye-opening graphic ideas to create effective, compelling designs.