Film/Video | Communica


Communica has an entire division devoted exclusively to film, video and motion graphics. We call it Anserina. The name comes from the Latin phrase “cutis anserina,” which is the medical term for goose bumps. And that’s exactly what our work is designed to elicit from our clients and viewers. We boast a full complement of talent in this area, including an award-winning feature film director/producer/writer.


Our dedicated team of experienced writers will work closely with you to develop a smart, engaging script that conveys your key message (or messages) to the audiences you wish to engage.


When it comes to film and video, not all of the content is scripted. By asking the right questions and preparing our interviewees, we get the kind of spontaneous, powerful quotes you’re looking for.


In addition to script development and interview prep, we also handle the countless other aspects of preproduction, including storyboarding, scheduling, casting, location scouting, lighting, costumes, etc.


Our award-winning team views each project as a unique creative opportunity. The basis of our work is visual storytelling, whether we’re creating a 90-second video or a feature film. The medium and methods we employ will be dictated by your audience and strategic goals.


Orson Welles once said, “Editing isn’t simply one aspect: it’s the aspect.” That’s why we put as much time and care into sound editing, color correction, music, graphics and titling as we do shooting.


Film and video are not ideal for every story. Product demos can often be done more effectively through motion graphics and animation. Some of the things our team can do you’d have to see to believe.