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Inbound Marketing

Attract, convert, close – a simple summary for a process with many moving parts. Communica is equipped to move you into that bold new world.

The sales process has changed dramatically. New business and sales teams no longer hold the key to understanding the product or services that you offer. Today, the power is in the prospects’ hands. By educating themselves in advance, buyers may know more than your own team. And that knowledge impacts how you communicate with them.


Most purchases today start with a web search. Getting found when your prospect is searching for solutions is a key to sales success. While paid search is an effective tool, it can be supplemented by organic search allowing you to be found naturally.


Communica can create content to attract prospects, supplement your original content or manage the process from your own in-house content creation. We help you identify your buyer personas and then target content to those groups, making you highly relatable.


While content is certainly king, using the right keywords allows you to hone your message to the right audience. Knowing which keywords are used by your prospects, and which ones you can own, make your content relevant to your desired prospects.


It’s not enough to have great content and calls-to-action – you need a system that does the heavy lifting for you. Our state-of-the-art CMS, HubSpot®, can automate targeted campaigns, email follow-ups and lead scoring. Knowing the path down the marketing funnel and being able to repeat what works puts you in control and fine-tunes your inbound efforts.


Breaking down your audience segments and corresponding communication channels allows for better control of your messaging. This process identifies where your prospect is during the buyer’s journey and targets the right content to the right people at the right time.


Buyers referred through social channels have a higher propensity to purchase than non-social-referred buyers. Sharing content and scheduling updates happens easily on our CMS. Whether building a following or driving traffic through shares, our complete content management system will help you surpass your business goals.


Producing leads is only half the battle; you need the right leads. By following tried and true paths in customer education, you can produce marketing qualified leads (MQLs) that meet your sales team’s requirements. By scoring leads, you can push them to your CRM when it is appropriate for action by your team.


Understanding the cost of your efforts and having dashboards to monitor success gives you true ROI for inbound marketing. Dashboards can be configured for users or teams, and reporting the results up and down the chain becomes a snap.