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Tires and tigers, baseball and horseracing, colleges and cruises, food and beverages, banking and healthcare, the professionals at Communica have developed large scale advertising and marketing campaigns for a wide variety of consumer products and professional service companies. With today’s always-connected consumer, never before has it been so important to have a simple, relevant, benefit-focused, big idea that can work across any media and connect with people in a meaningful way.


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Work From This Industry

Client: Destination Toledo

Project: DORA

Client: Asher

Project: Asher Logo

Client: Destination Toledo

Project: This is Toledo Summer Campaign

Client: Toledo Troopers

Project: Documentary Trailer

Client: Destination Toledo

Project: Rebranding and Web Design

Client: Metroparks of the Toledo Area

Project: Get Outside Yourself Promotion Video

Client: Marathon Classic

Project: Campaign 2018

Client: Communica

Project: Feature Reels

Client: Toledo Ballet

Project: The Nutcracker

Client: Waterford Bank

Project: Annual Report 2016

Client: Bounce Television

Project: Robert Easter Fight Promo

Client: Toledo Symphony

Project: Stewardship Award 2016

Client: Marathon Classic

Project: 2016 Campaign

Client: The University of Toledo

Project: Rocket Football "Unite" TV and Web Video

Client: MT Business Technologies

Project: When bad things happen...

Client: Waterford Bankcorp, NA

Project: Annual Reports

Client: Bittersweet Farms

Project: Pesto

Client: Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

Project: Empower Her Video

Client: Waterford Bankcorp, NA

Project: 2021 Annual Report to Shareholders