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Demand Generation Marketing Specialist

Demand Generation Marketing Specialist

We are seeking an additional Demand Generation Marketing Specialist to join our growing team of digital, data-driven marketing experts. You’re an ideal candidate if you have a track record of creating campaigns that initiate and sustain engagement and drive conversions for both B2B (demand generation and lead nurture), and B2C (ecommerce) clients.

You’ll direct your expertise toward helping develop response-oriented inbound and outbound campaigns, including strategy, copywriting, and guiding video production or graphic design appropriate for each channel. You’ll understand and incorporate best practices across content and email marketing, list segmentation, landing pages, data collection, utilization and campaign reporting. 

In this role, you’ll be part of a remote team that serves a variety of B2B and B2C clients, within the context of the larger agency. Therefore, you should have experience with account service, and enjoy interfacing directly with clients as well as the various internal teams. This team functions with daily team meetings and regular conversations throughout the day to accomplish the variety of tasks necessary to serve our clients. As part of a busy agency with multiple clients and projects, this role requires impeccable organization and project management capabilities.


  • Within the overall framework of data-driven marketing, work with account team or directly with clients to propose content and email strategies, following best practices grounded in data analysis/insights for lead generation, nurture and/or direct sales.
  • With an understanding of marketing automation workflows, create campaign strategies outlining recommended content, offers, email topics, calls to action, necessary landing pages and all essential aspects of the campaign.
  • Hands-on creative development of emails, landing pages, testing and segmentation strategy, using personalization and dynamic content.
  • Craft the email campaign look and feel, including copywriting and graphic elements, consistent with client’s brand guidelines and best practices.
  • Envision and craft landing pages, including copywriting and recommended design elements, applying best practices for effective landing pages, either as part of an email campaign, or to support other channels.
  • Work with the marketing automation team to create, test, launch and optimize campaigns.
  • Support digital demand generation marketing efforts by participating in planning, execution and reporting of campaigns (including data analytics and metrics) to inform strategic campaign investment.
  • Uncover opportunities to optimize conversion points across the marketing journey.
  • Bring new ideas and best practices, based on your experience and commitment to ongoing education.
  • Participate in client meetings, manage projects and deliverables, anticipate deadlines and coordinate with appropriate resources to ensure all projects are executed successfully.
  • Contribute to strong agency-client relationships by demonstrating excellent communication skills, creative problem-solving, anticipating needs and giving our clients the utmost confidence in our ability to meet their needs.
  • Be flexible and ready to participate in a wide variety of marketing activities.
  • Contribute to the betterment of the team, and the agency.


  • 3-5 years of experience creating inbound and outbound marketing campaigns utilizing best practice guidelines.

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